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Hello, we are Manitou team

Sorry for delay with answer - we were in the way. We have just found our new place of living in Goa and ready for work now.


Analizing website

According to your request we analyzed this website www.med.govt.nz — counted the quantity of pages and explored its adaptation to different devices.
It's a nice example of corporate website and we are able to design something like that and even better.


While we were in the way, we draw a rough sketch.

The first step — Design

1) Firstly we make a prototype of website and then will approve it with you.
2) Secondly we create two conceptions of design, which includes style, color and mood for few main pages. Then we approve one of this conceptions with you build other pages using adopted module.

The second step — layout and programming

At this moment we will need to connect other specialists to our project. They will breath life into our design.
The specialists are programmers, coders and etc. We will carefully control their work of programming our site.

Payment of their work is calculated separately

5 000$

is the cost of design.
We always use Pay-Pal system for payment.
15th January.

It would be great to make design till this date.

Shamil Karim and Kristina Udovichenko
2 step

suggests сonnection to the process our Programmers partners.
We don't know exactly how much their work would cost. It will be known later.
But we are confident that the final cost of the project will not exceed $ 10,000
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