manitou design
Kolour in the park
Thank you for such a detailed brief
We explored it properly. You made so nice research of all Asian festivals, now we see your vision about yourself. It is so nice that you came to our studio – we know good what is festival organization because we also make a festival called INAYA in Russia.
How we can help you
Logo redesign
As we understood, we'll save the sign of 4 hearts. What we'll do is color and font decision.
Identity atmosphere
We'll make 2 variants of festival identity
Color research
We'll find the colors which reflect festival atmosphere
Social network
All the graphic ideas will be adapted to social networks.
Facebook, instagram.
  • Artist profile pics frame
  • Vendor pic frame

We usually make few kinds of posters: lineup posters, headliners poster and simple festival poster.
Wristbands and lanyards
We'll draw a map with necessary information
Lineup flyer
We'll make lineup flyer and also adapt it to social networks.
Website placeholder
We can make website placeholder using Tilda platform.
We'll draw icons that can be used on website and in navigation.
Design of shirts for staff and for sale
Vendors, directional, menus, flags
The design of all this items will cost 4000$
Web design
We learned Webflow platform and like it. We actually use the similar one – Tilda. It has block system and very comfortable for use. There are a lot of templates and also Zеro Block, which helps to create template by yourself. For exapmle, Inaya festival website was made on Tilda.
It is also comfortable for redacting, you'll be able to correct content without any help.
Tilda platform
The design of website made on Tilda will cost 1500$
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